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Mission Statement

The United Football Federation of America is a Minor Level Football league that consists of teams located through the state of Florida and branching out into the Southern Tri-State areas.

Established in 2010, The United Football Federation has returned to it's original name in 2014. The United Football Federation of America founded by Wayne Gile  is an organized league that provides full-contact American football at the minor league level throughout Florida and branching out into the Southern Tri-State areas. The United Football Federation of America in the 2014 season held over 25 teams throughout the state of Florida, giving the best competition the state of Florida has to offer. We strive to uphold this variety of competition and talent, while moving forward to provide the communities with the utmost respect and the best athletic venue minor league football has to offer.

The United Football Federation of America is dedicated to providing an affordable, respectable and exciting football venue for players, coaches, administrators and fans alike.

The United Football Federation of America is built upon “first class” coaches, players and owners with prior football experience at the high school, college, adult amateur or professional levels, respectively. The  United Football Federation of America gives local athletes an opportunity to continue playing football past high school, college or professional.

The United Football Federation of America encourages all of its members to be very active in the communities of which they live, work and play in. Providing volunteer help for both football and non-football events and activities strengthens the bond and presence among our fans, supporters, sponsors and our member organizations.

As of July 2014, the United Football Federation of America is a minor level football league of American football operating across the state of Florida. The level of competition is high due to the large number of great athletes in the states of Florida and branching outward into the Tri-State areas. With a continue growth in the  United Football Federation of America members, our competitive teams bring in new talent and passion for the sport.

The United Football Federation marketing strategy consists of the following goals:
- Develop solid relationships between league teams and their communities through football camps and community events.
- Promote teams, players, and the association through local and multi-media sources.


* 2015 League Disclaimer: -The Board of Directors ensures that no owner or coaches promise players to go to the "next level"; meaning NFL, AFL or even CFL, college or any other higher form of education. The next level is about personal growth. To condition yourselves both physically and mentally. To learn about structure, discipline and to obtain your athleticism through the passion and drive of this sport. No player is paid to play in any team within this league. The players pay into this through fees structured by the ownership of each individual team.

-Photos and/or video taken by the League photographer and associates during any game throughout the season can be used for promotional purposes and editorial purposes including internet, magazines, posters, flyers and other media outlets.

-Each teams owners are responsible for their team entity in whole, as well as to adhere to all the league rules and regulation and bylaws.

Season Schedule